Marketing Tools

With technology advancing at such a lightning pace, it is very hard to keep up with all the gadgets and tools available to online marketers and website developers.  There are literally thousands of online apps and programs available (and growing daily!) that can be utilised to streamline the processes involved with internet marketing.   

This can be both a help and a hindrance - too many apps or programs simply clutter up your computer, making everything too confusing, but some of these tools are indispensable, and life as an internet marketer would be so much more difficult without them.

An Autoresponder is probably the best example of this.   Imagine if you had to copy and paste thousands of emails to customers or potential customers, there simply wouldn't be enough time in the day/week/month.   A well set up Autoresponder will work 24/7, even while you sleep, so it is important you spend a good amount of time setting this up.   A lot of time spent now will save you much more time later, it is worth putting in the effort.

If there is one piece of extremely important advice I can offer readers, is that when you are setting up your Autoresponder - TEST, TEST, TEST!!

Make sure your Sign Up Form works, that it gathers all the information as required, that you get the correct response after signing up (ie re-directed to a thank-you page), and that the customer is then   re-directed to the correct page or external website that it is aimed at.

Test all your Autoresponder emails, that the sequence is correct, the timing of the sending is correct, and that they are all grammatically perfect as well.   Ensure any links or attachments within the emails work correctly, there is nothing worse than trying to open an attachment that doesn't work, or clicking on a link that goes no-where (or to the wrong website!!).

But an Autoresponder is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to internet marketing, you need programs to shorten (and cloak) lengthy URL's, photo editors, video creators, blogs, to name but a few.

I know in my journey over the years as an internet and affiliate marketer, I am coming across new programs every week that I add to my 'online toolbox', I certainly have a comprehensive array of 'tools' at my disposal.

So click on the drop-down pages under 'Marketing Tools' above, you will find the advertised products extremely beneficial to your online business.