Without advertising, you simply aren't going to get any traffic to your website/s, and therefore AREN'T GOING TO MAKE ANY SALES!!

There are many forms of advertising available, mostly online, and these can be either in the form of FREE or PAID advertising. Now, which form you choose will depend entirely on 2 things:

1. The amount of time you have available for surfing (clicking on other affiliates ads in order to receive credits to post your ads), or

2. Your available advertising budget (if any)

If you are just starting out, I strongly suggest you start with the various forms of FREE advertising first, as the only requirement is your time and commitment.  If, however, you don't have much spare time for surfing other affiliates ads (in order to receive advertising credits), and you do have a budget available to spend on advertising, then you should certainly follow the PAID advertising avenue, it most definitely will provide you with better results, provided you choose the right medium and monitor your success rates.

FREE Advertising

There are 3 main forms of FREE Advertising:

1.  Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Snapchat, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc)

2. Traffic Exchanges (Banner Advertising, Solo Ads, etc)

3. Physical Placement of printed ads (ie printing off your own advertisement with a link attached, and placing in shopping malls, libraries, notice boards, etc)

The first two are traditionally where you will receive the majority of your traffic from, the third option will vary greatly depending on your location, amount of foot traffic etc.

For more information on Social Media advertising and Traffic Exchanges, click on the links below.

PAID Advertising

This is for the more serious internet/affiliate marketer, and the level of paid advertising you undertake will be entirely dependant on your individual budget. Not everyone who starts out creating an online business,has funds available for advertising, but that doesn't mean that it can't be done fairly cheaply.

There are several ways PAID advertising can be done, and like FREE advertising, the most common (and effective) avenue is online advertising. The vast majority of potential customers looking to start up their own online business will be searching online for guidance, so this is where you should concentrate your advertising.

The 4 most effective ways to get the maximum from your PAID advertising, in my opinion, are Social Media advertising, through upgraded Traffic Exchanges, from specialist online paid advertising programs, and via Google Adwords.

For more information on Paid Advertising, click on the link below.

Click on the links below for more information and video training on each platform