So Many Hits

'So Many Hits' is an all-in-one List Building, URL Shortener and Tracking Link creation site, and is one of the essential tools any internet marketer should be utilising in order to be successful online.

When it comes to marketing on-line, the overwhelming majority of marketers lack the 3 most crucial components needed for success. That is: A huge mailing list, quality traffic, and a way to measure your results.

Without it you are throwing darts in the dark, hoping for a hit!

When you create your free account, you will be placed under your sponsor in what is called a traffic line. The first 2 people you refer will also be placed under your sponsor. You are now qualified to start your own traffic lines.

The third person you refer will start your first traffic line.  Just like you had to refer 2 people who went to your sponsor, so will everyone who ends up in one of your traffic lines, whether you referred them directly or they were passed up to you as someone's 2 qualifying referrals. This means your traffic lines will continue to double till the end of time, and because is free to join, this will be the easiest opportunity you'll ever promote, not to mention that by simply using your account as intended, your affiliate link will automatically be promoted as well. 

Your traffic lines will continue to grow exponentially, even if someone drops out somewhere along the way. This simply can not be stopped...

List Building on Steroids!

As your traffic lines continue to grow, so will your mailing list.   In your back-office you only have to click a button to export all of your down-line members into a CSV file for easy import into your favourite auto-responder.   And, because you can only ever be in one person's traffic line, it also means you will only end up on one person's mailing list.

Even if you are a newbie just starting out and don't have an auto-responder yet, we have you covered too.  Every 10 days you can message your entire down-line comprised of all the members in all of your traffic lines. 

Remember, each time you directly refer someone, you start a new traffic line that will keep doubling forever, adding more and more contacts you can message on a daily basis. When you do get your own auto responder, just click the export button in your back-office to export all your contacts, ready for import into your new auto-responder account.

Laser Targeted Link Tracking

Without link tracking, you will always be asking yourself "Am I getting clicks on my banners? What about my forum or email signature?  Is this safe-list or shared mailer really effective?" 

Watch the quick video below to see exactly how easy it is to use Link Tracking with 'So Many Hits'...

What about comparing the effectiveness of different email signatures or split testing versions of opt-in pages? Your account comes complete with a URL shortening and tracking service with unlimited campaigns and clicks.

Every time one of your tracking links are followed 'So Many Hits' will record the information so you can analyse it in your back-office to determine where you are wasting your time and / or money.   'So Many Hits' also made it easy to track multiple advertising sources. Rather than creating a new campaign for every source you want to track, you only have to create one campaign and then simply append a keyword identifiable to you to the end of the tracking link we give you. 

This really is so easy, I am amazed how uncomplicated it is to set up

This is without a doubt the best thought-out service for internet marketers I have ever come across.  You have the option of immediately upgrading to the 2 year option, but even the free membership holds so many phenomenal features & benefits you should seriously reconsider your online career if you don't get it!!

Unstoppable Monster Traffic

 'So Many Hits' have created the ultimate traffic tornado that will only get bigger and bigger as time goes by and it can never be stopped. Remember how we said we call the down-lines you start 'traffic lines'?  Well, every time a tracking link belonging to someone in any of your traffic lines are followed, on the way there, your campaigns will be rotated and one of your links will also be seen.

This is powerful stuff.  Not only will the link advertise the product or service that you intended, but it will also promote your personal 'So Many Hits' affiliate link - a double whammy!!

To put this into perspective, if you have three traffic lines with 2 people in each and just 1 of their campaigns are followed 10 times as day, it means your links will also be seen 60 times every day.  And when those 6 members in your traffic lines make their qualifying referrals which end up in your traffic lines, this figure jumps up to 180 times your links will be seen each and every day. 

And this is for just 1 link!   This continues indefinitely.   Just imagine for a moment the amount of traffic you will get in a week, month or a year from now as your traffic lines continue to double.

Massive Income Opportunity

Not only did 'So Many Hits' create a fantastic set of marketing tools for you, they also created a robust income plan where even free members can earn commissions.   With recurring commissions, second tier commissions and performance bonuses, you will be hard pressed to find a better paying opportunity online!

Earn By Just using Your Account!!

Watch the video below to see how easy it is to earn, even as a FREE MEMBER..

So as you can see, your traffic lines will continue to double and there is absolutely no way to stop it.   As a free member, every time a member in any of your traffic lines top up their account, you will earn a commission of either $4, $8, $12 or $20.   As a pro member those amounts will be $10, $20, $30 and $50.   As a pro member you will also receive 60% second tier commissions when a member under a free member tops up their account, earning you an additional $6, $12, $18, or $30

Performance Bonuses

Earn $350 during a commission run period and 'So Many Hits' will give you a bonus of $50.   

Earn $700 during a commission run and another $100 will be added on top of the $50, for a total bonus of $150.

Earn $1000 during a commission period and another $250 will be added on top of the $150, for a total bonus of $400. 

Each additional $1000 earned during a commission run period will earn you an additional $400 which means go-getters can effectively earn 40% more commissions!!

Second tier commissions also count towards earning bonuses. For example, if you have earned $330 and you get a second tier commission of $20, you will get the additional $50 for reaching the first bonus threshold.

To get started, click HERE or on the banner below, start building your traffic lines and boosting your earnings TODAY!!