Wealth Creation - Show Me More

Tell Me Some More Please

It is great that you are still interested, and eager to know more about this amazing wealth creation product.   I know I certainly had some questions to ask after I first watched the promo videos, so I am not surprised by your curiosity also.

Watch another small video below for a view of what all is on offer here, and remember, construction of these has already begun, with several contracts already signed throughout the world.  This is the way of future transportation!!

There is certainly quite a lot to this program, way too much to discuss here, so the best way to provide you with more information is to give you the link to a live stream that takes place every evening.   This live stream is conducted by my sponsor Andrew Twelftree, he is a Manager with SkyWays and has been with them for around 2 years.

The live stream is full of information, shows proof of how far advanced SkyWays is in their production stages, and concludes with a Q & A session where you can throw any questions at Andrew, he is a great source of information and will answer any questions you may still have after watching the presentation.

For a sneak peek at one of the projects, check out what is happening in Dubai, an already approved futuristic urban project - click HERE to read.

Click HERE to be taken to the Zoom live stream



The Zoom live stream takes place at 6-30pm (Perth, Western Australia - GMT +8.00hrs) time every evening, and Andrew likes to get started promptly, so please be prepared to go online a few minutes before scheduled start time.