Clone My System - Step Two


In order to process any payments due to you once your funnel is up and running, you will need a PayPal account.   This can also be used to pay for any monthly fees that may be payable to ensure continuation of your successful funnel, but mainly used for payments to you.

PayPal is FREE to join, just click on the link below 

Buy now with PayPal

After completing all the steps required to open your PayPal account, copy your PayPal sign-up email address to the clipboard or Desktop, whichever is easier to access, you will need this email address later in the setting up process.

PLEASE NOTE:  Recently PayPal made some major changes to it's User Agreement (UA) and Privacy Policy, effective April 19, 2018. This change affects many online businesses, mainly Sellers, and in many instances clients have had their accounts frozen (I was one of them!!).

PayPal can still be used, but many online operators are now seeking alternatives, and luckily there are some available.   The best one I can recommend is ORU (One Race United).  Click on the ORO picture below or on the ORU tab above for further information.

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