Clone My System - Step One

To clone my exact system, work your way through the tasks below and on the ensuing pages, ensuring you follow the instructions EXACTLY as stated.  Your new system WILL NOT WORK properly if you make any mistakes or don't adhere to the instructions.  This could potentially lead to new members being added to MY downlines (not YOURS), and also any future payments you were due going into MY PayPal account instead of YOURS!!   

I am sure you see the importance of taking every care with these instructions!!


Watch the Introductory Video below

 Now click on the link below and get started

Simply enter your email address (gmail is preferred), then click on the 'Get Started NOW' button.   Once you have filled in all your details, you will arrive at your Dashboard.   

At the top right-hand corner of your Dashboard Page you will see your Name, Membership Type and your Global Moneyline Referral Link (you can also see your Referral Link under the 'Marketing/Personal URLs' tab on the left of your Dashboard Page, see pictures below from both places, this is my Global Moneyline details).  

To join Global Moneyline HERE

Top Right-Hand Side of Dashboard Page

Marketing / Personal URLs Tabs 

Copy your Referral Link and save on your clipboard (or save anywhere easily accessible, like your Desktop).   You will need this link later in the setting up process.

For more 'Global Moneyline' instructional videos, click HERE

Once you have joined 'Global Moneyline' and saved your GML Referral Link, click on the 

'GO TO STEP TWO' button below