Clone My System - Step Four


One of the most important tools available to an internet marketer is an Autoresponder service.  

This type of program captures a potential customers email address, via a 'Sign Up Form', then automatically sends pre-written follow-up messages to them, even while you sleep!!

There are many Autoresponder programs out there, but some are far better than others. I use and recommend Aweber, it is affordable, widely respected as one of the best, and has all the features required to set up a perfect funnel system.

Autoresponders are set up in a manner that keeps you constantly in touch with your customers, whether they have purchased from you or not, and is such a powerful (and time saving) tool that it is essential for all online marketers if they truly want to be successful.

To join AWEBER click HERE

For more information on Autoresponders click HERE

Once you have joined 'Aweber', copy your Aweber Affiliate ID# (you will find this on your Aweber Dashboard) and paste to your clipboard or Desktop, you will need this later in the setting up process.  

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